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Enrichment opportunities designed specifically for gifted learners are offered as day school adjunct programs. They are offered after school and on Saturdays during the school year. During July a Summer program is offered. Summer programming extends and enhances school year learning in a collegial and relaxed atmosphere, and provides opportunities to make new friends and visit with existing ones.

These offerings provide academic and social opportunities for students two and one half years of age and older. WCGL programs are held at 2315 W Good Hope Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Participants come from all over the greater Milwaukee metropolitan area.

Three different interdisciplinary models are implemented at various times throughout the year:

Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies Model, Realm of Meaning Curriculum Model, Framework for Learning Model

Each model provides students with learning opportunities in language arts, music, art, informal drama, mathematics, Latin, and physical education. All courses and programs help students develop skills they might find helpful in completing regular classroom assignments, in sampling new interests, or in developing new hobbies.

Peer Mentoring is available for students ages twelve through college level who wish to continue to participate in programs, learn about teaching, and simply enjoy working with younger students like themselves.

Learn about enrichment opportunities available from January through July 2014.


WCGL invites enrollment on a rolling basis. Each enrollment is addressed individually. The process typically follows this way:

  • preliminary introduction and discussion via telephone with a Director of The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners (414-351-4441);
  • completion and return of written application materials with an application fee;
  • a meeting for parents and child at WCGL;
  • a detailed assessment of the applicant conducted by The Wisconsin Center for Gifted Learners personnel.

      The one time fee for application, assessment, and enrollment is $200.00. Tuition for each program is all-inclusive
      and varies based upon duration and materials required. Contact WCGL for additional information.
      Content is not repeated from program to program.


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This page was updated on November 26, 2013